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Who is this LARP for?

You want to:

👍 play a character who is a supernatural/human with special powers,

👍 be able to not come up with a complicated outfit and go in pants and a sweater,

👍 go to an event that does not require knowledge of any aspects of a given universe, and does not require learning spells, recipes, names, dates, or how magic works,

👍 experience an interesting adventure with positive feelings such as joy, inspiration, delight, pride (at the same time being able to feel the thrill of fear in additional threads),

👍 meet new, interesting people from all over Poland and even the world,

👍 live in the castle for 3 days,

👍 discover a new passion that can turn your life upside down. 

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1. What is the Evermist Society?

2. What is the Evermist Society - The Visitors of Samhain Night? 

3. What's included in the ticket?

4. How to prepare for LARP?

5. What is the LARP location? 

6. What does the LARP program look like?

7. Who can I play?

8. How to play LARP safely?

What is the
Evermist Society?

This is a live action game experience in a world where there are not only humans, but also supernatural beings - changelings, beasts, elementals, and others. All magical beings and people who come into contact with magic are under the rule of the Evermist Society. Any being wishing to belong to the Evermist Society should graduate from one of the colleges run by the society and learn how to use their powers.


The game is also focused on developing your character's identity and building the community your character belongs to.


We want to divide our story into 4-5 episodes, each of which will be a closed whole so that you can join it at any time.

The game world is not very different from the one we live in. The action of the game will take place at the palace in 2002, the world has only recently gotten used to the fact that the shadow of the Soviet Union and the global conflict no longer hangs over it. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Star Wars - Attack of the Clones are in cinemas, and Harry Potter fans are delighted with the first four volumes of the book. People play Snake on Nokia 6100 and listen to CDs on disc players.​​

Do you want to read Evermist Society history? Click here, remember that your character doesn't know this history, so you don't need to learn it:)

This is a live action game experience in a world where there are not only humans, but also supernatural beings - changelings, beasts, elementals, and others. All magical beings and people who come into contact with magic are under the rule of the Evermist Society. Any being wishing to belong to the Evermist Society should graduate from one of the colleges run by the society and learn how to use their powers.


The game is also focused on developing your character's identity and building the community your character belongs to.


We want to divide our story into 4-5 episodes, each of which will be a closed whole so that you can join it at any time.

The game world is not very different from the one we live in. The action of the game will take place at the palace in 2002, the world has only recently gotten used to the fact that the shadow of the Soviet Union and the global conflict no longer hangs over it. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Star Wars - Attack of the Clones are in cinemas, and Harry Potter fans are delighted with the first four volumes of the book. People play Snake on Nokia 6100 and listen to CDs on disc players.

Do you want to read Evermist Society history? Click here, remember that your character doesn't know this history, so you don't need to learn it:)

Samhain, Forefathers' Eve, Halloween... 👻

Different names for one night of the year - the night when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, and many portals to other planes of existence are open to all brave enough to pass through. For all supernatural beings, this is the time for stories about the past, fear of what may come, and great opportunities to increase your magical powers. 🌚✨

For students and teachers of Evermist College, it is also a period when they do not have to hide the first supernatural changes in their bodies - ordinary mortals still mistake them for Halloween costumes. Any objections to their too-real appearance can be dispelled in the Poland of 2002 with the following sentence: “A gift from my uncle from the United States, they make them like that there.” 🧙

Many students go even further, imagining what they will look like in their full magical powers and preparing fabulous costumes to announce their future greatness to others. On this night, even the Headmaster and Professor Podwawelski turn a blind eye to breaking the rule of the Eternal Mist. 👀

Feel the drill? 👇
We invite you to the Evermist Society - a 3-day live-action game in a world where not only people exist but also supernatural beings - beasts, elementals, and others.

All magical beings and people who come into contact with magic are subject to the rule of the Evermist Society and must pass one of its colleges to learn to use their powers.

Dark secrets, interesting riddles, magical creatures behind mysterious portals, and lots of fun await you in November. 🧛

3 nights in the hotel

full board: 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 3 dinners, and a coffee corner

a knit vest that will be your school uniform

✨ character sheet with described relations with others 

✨ practical classes conducted by specialists in their fields

✨ a cast of actors who will support you to have fun during the game

✨ access to most of the castle and castle park

✨ possibility to create your own equipment during classes 

✨ beautiful photos (including the opportunity to make portraits) 

✨ amazing adventure and lots of wonderful memories! 

Buy Ticket

✅ Buy a ticket

✅ Send Player's questionnaire

✅ Read Character Sheet

✅Based on Character's Sheet try to feel your character - what he/she likes, what he/she is dreaming about, maybe he/she has something characteristic - likes big earrings/listening some specific music band?

✅ Read how to play LARP safely.

✅ Pack up and come to the event venue.

✅ Take part in workshops.

✅ Have fun! 😁

Player's questionnaire

It's a form which you get some time after buying a ticket. It includes questions about:

❔ Who do you want to be in the room with?

❔ Do you have any injuries/illnesses we should be aware of?

❔ Do you have any diet/food allergies?

❔ Are there any topics/plots that you don't want in your Character's Sheet?

❔ What are 5 supernaturals you would like to play?

❔ What plots do you want to play? (Adventure, action, friendship, romance, riddles, self-development,  past-traumas, violence, racism to creatures with magic origin, classism to creatures with magic origin, stereotypes and prejudices, thriller)?

❔ What classes would be interesting for you?

Character's Sheet

Each player will receive their own character's sheet, which will be built on the player's preferences chosen in the player's questionnaire.


The sheet will include points such as:

👉 personal information (name, surname, age, place of birth, origin),

👉 relationship (the relationships the character starts the game with),

👉 timeline of the character's life (what important events the character experienced and when),

👉 story (the story of the character's life).

Costumes 👨‍🚀

Each player will receive a school uniform that they are required to wear during classes. The game takes place in 2002, so the rest of the outfit should refer to those years - bell bottoms, jeans, long blouses, and other things that can probably still be found in wardrobes.


At the very beginning of the game, each player is obliged to take part in workshops that cover the following topics:
🔷 How to play this game safely (mechanics)
🔷 What are the rules for LARP?
🔷 Introduction to the history of the world and game design.

Evermist Society The Visitors of Samhain Night happens in Międzylesie Castle. Which is a beautiful, historic building with breathtaking interiors and a fully furnished and equipped hotel. Each player will sleep in a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6-person room with a separate bathroom. The palace includes a park, and an old palace, where the game's action will also take place.

Meals will take place in the hotel restaurant, we provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. People who have special diets and/or food intolerances should report this on the player form.

If we collect enough people, we will organize bus transport🚐 

The game tells the story of the first three days at the Evermist College. It lasts from Thursday afternoon to Saturday night, with sleep breaks planned for the night hours.



14 - check-in

16:30 - workshops  and introduction to the game

19:30 - start of the game and dinner

0:00 - sleep, no events affecting the main plot of the game will take place



8:00 - start of the game

9:00 - breakfast

00:00 - sleep, no events affecting the main plot of the game will take place



8:00 - start of the game

9:00 - breakfast

23:00 - end of the game 

0:00 - after party



9:00 - breakfast

11:00 - hotel checkout

During the game, participants, like students of any college, will take part in school activities. Among them, we distinguish compulsory classes: those for which players will be assigned in advance due to the character's origin and their predispositions, and additional (optional) classes: those for which you can sign up during the game.


What kind of activities can you expect in our game?

Here are some examples:

🔥 elemental magic - classes that teach the character to control a selected element and cast simple spells related to it,

🧪 alchemy - creating potions and decoction with various effects and many amazing applications,

💪 melee and melee combat - for those who choose characters that focus on the physical strengths,

magical portals - opening and stabilizing passages to other worlds,

🔎basics of investigation and field work - for those characters who will associate their future career with fieldwork for the Society,

🎇ritualistic - casting powerful spells and performing complex rituals,

👹mastering the beast - for those characters who are not entirely sure of their humanity.


Is that all? Of course not! However, we want to keep things a bit secret and give players a surprise during the game.


Clubs and Associations
What would a decent university with traditions be without various clubs, fraternities, and associations? Your character can become a member of one (or even several) of them during the game and take part in their activities. 

Among the clubs and societies operating at Evermist College you will find, among others:

  • Apollonian Pact - bringing together all kinds of musicians and poets, famous for theatrical plays staged every year,

  • The Sword and Sword Association (also known simply as the Musketeers) - a school fencing club,

  • Merry Company of Robin Hood - an ideal place for archery adepts,

  • Noblesse Oblige - a snobbish club not only for blue-blooded descendants of noble and aristocratic families,

  • Brotherhood of Bacchus - a secret club for those who are looking for really crazy fun,

  • Potestas Aeterna - an organization banned from all colleges of the Society, whose goal is to explore the limits of magic,

  • Treasure Hunters Club - a place for those who like all kinds of secrets and riddles, known for the annual game called Expedition for the Golden Fleece.

Buy Tickets

In our world, alongside ordinary people, some attracted the attention of the agents of Evermist Society and were recruited to join the ranks of Defenders or Mages after graduation. In addition to them, the world is also inhabited by changelings, beasts, and elementals who must learn to use their powers responsibly.


All students do not yet know how to use their powers, which makes their range of skills quite similar at the beginning. Over the course of the episodes, the character's skills and their appearance will change.


Once you've purchased your ticket for our game, we'll ask you to fill in a Player’s form that will ask you, among other things, what character (regarding its origin) you want to play in our story. We will also ask you for a ranked selection of five characters active in the game. Based on your preferences, we will offer you a specific character to play. If it turns out that all of your picks are already taken (we will assign characters every week, the rule is "first come, first served"), we will discuss other options with you.


They are the offspring of mixed relationships between humans and beings from other dimensions and planes of existence. Some changelings know their non-human ancestors and their bloodlines, and are aware of the potential powers they possess. In others, the blood of supernaturals makes itself felt unexpectedly, often after many "dormant" generations. The common skill of all changelings is to open portals to other realities, and the source of their very diverse spells and powers are complicated contracts concluded in other dimensions with the supernaturals that inhabit them.



Cheerful and colorful pixies are the most common changeling. They can be completely different from each other, but all are characterized by a love of bright, vivid colors, large, beautiful eyes (some try to mask them), and a rather cheerful character. Don't think of them as harmless though: pixies are vengeful creatures who don't forget wrongs - it's regrettable to step on one of their toes. Pixies have a natural predisposition to air magic (this is related to their wings and the potential ability to fly), and some of them also show abilities towards illusion magic, mind-affecting, and various fields of art.


Children of Sigurd

They are descendants of heroes known to the wider public from Norse mythology. In most cases, even long centuries have failed to make them forget their proud lineage. They often manifest this by wearing ornaments and tattoos referring to runic writing and Scandinavian motifs. Most often, they can recite their lineage back to one of the children of Odin or another hero of the Viking sagas. Although they are obviously associated with melee combat, many of them also have some aptitude in the field of protective and healing magic.



Some say pucks are just one type of pixie, but they see themselves as a completely different kind of changeling. Indeed, their ancestors come from quite different astral planes. Mischievous, laughing, and always up for a joke, pucks are masters of word games and veiled multi-stage insults, as well as experts at formulating complicated contracts. Pucks often have innate abilities for illusion and mind-affecting magic, but unlike their otherworldly ancestors, such magic does not automatically appear in the minds of pucks. Like human mages, they must first learn specific spells.



It is commonly believed that the descendants of the astral beings known as banshees can only be female, but this is not true. They make up less than 90 percent of their population. When one of these pale, serious, and usually rather quiet creatures gets angry, it's better not to be within range of its voice, and that range can be really large. The banshee's voice is a dangerous weapon that can knock down, stun, and after training - even kill the opponent. The truly powerful banshees can modulate their screams to bring curses and misery upon their listeners, which can take a long time to act, and even spill over to the victims' families and friends.



The first Nephilim were giants, descendants of women and "sons of God" - beings from another dimension identified in our world with angels and demons (fallen angels). Today's Nephilims are distant descendants of these primal beings, but retain some of their power. Nephilims live longer than the average person (up to 150 years) and stay healthy and youthful for much longer. They are stronger and much more durable than average people, and with proper training, they can also use the power of the Word of God - each of their magic-saturated orders must be carried out by those to whom it was directed.


Elementals are a vast and diverse group of supernaturals that have a special connection to one of the forces of nature. As a result, in ancient times, their representatives were often worshiped as deities, and legends about them are present in every mythology known to people.


Their temperament is related to the element they represent. Therefore, it is easiest to anger fire elementals, and those related to water can be counted on in matters requiring adaptation to the existing situation and working out a compromise. With the passage of years and the increase in power, they tend to lose their individual personality traits and become the embodiment of the element they represent.



The fire-wielding efreets, united in clans with extensive structures, were one of the powers in the Middle East in pre-Muslim times. These proud creatures never forget that their kind was one of the founders of the Evermist Society and pioneers in establishing interspecies cooperation. To their credit, given the explosive nature of efreet, this is quite an achievement. Their loves deserve to be called epic romances, grudges quickly turn into bloody vendettas. This makes them inspiring leaders, faithful companions, and fearsome warriors on the battlefield.



Water nymphs are famous for their sociability, sense of humor, and carefree approach to life. For these reasons, they were the basis of myths about giggling goddesses or beautiful beings rescuing shipwrecked people. They are not committed to forming relationships only within their species. As a result, they often live among people, doing what their heart desires. Though some say their powers are not powerful, control over water is a strong skill that nymphs use with exceptional proficiency. Anyone who thinks they can't be dangerous should remember what a storm looks like on the open sea.



If you want to describe the płanetnik in one word, it would definitely be movement. No wonder, since they embody the element of air. As you might expect, they are curious creatures that hate routine and love changes. Most płanetniks lead a nomadic lifestyle - constantly changing their homes, neighborhoods, group of friends, jobs, or even hobbies. They are exceptionally grateful and cheerful traveling companions. Much is said about their brilliant intelligence, if only they didn't get distracted so easily and take on new projects all the time.


Associated with the earth element, dwarves are a specific type of elemental. It can be said that they most closely correspond to folk ideas about them. Although they can manipulate the ground, for example, tie an opponent to it, they use their skills much more often to obtain natural resources such as minerals or metal ores. Their deep understanding of the demands of working with such materials has made them some of the most skilled craftsmen and inventors of the supernatural world. It is sometimes jokes that their innovative ideas are the result of the deeply hidden dreamy nature of these creatures.



Dryads are among the least destructive supernaturals known to the Evermist Society. This is mainly because they are directly related to the essence of life. A dryad's powers manifest more strongly the deeper it’s bond with the area it resides in. Thus they are highly territorial creatures. They are able to have the strongest influence on the surrounding flora. They can control animals, although this power is dangerous to them. Only a fool will underestimate dryads. Although they are not aggressive, it must not be forgotten that they are driven by a powerful force of nature capable of both giving life and easily taking it away.


Beasts is a name that probably does not need to be explained to anyone. They include some of the most powerful beings that have ever walked the earth. However, every power comes at a price. In the case of the beast, someone else pays for it - their victims, humans. For the use of their skills, they have to pay with human harm. It can be physical damage, bloodletting, hurting someone, taking a life, scaring, or a thousand other things. Some of the beasts enjoy creative power acquisition, others look at this element of their existence with disgust. But all of them must remember that there is a monster inside of them. It lends them his power, but when unleashed, it will completely devour their identities.



One of the most common misconceptions about vampires is that they feed on blood. In fact, blood is needed by these pale creatures only for the practice of magic, and their diet is no different from that of humans. Thanks to blood magic, vampires can achieve a wide range of effects - from invulnerability, through telekinesis and the ability to fly, to telepathy, and affecting the psyche of victims. Having reached a certain level of power and knowledge of ritual, vampires can also stop aging - but at this stage of power, they are usually on the edge of humanity.



Dragons, also known as vipers, are creatures that are as rare as they are mysterious and difficult to control. As loners, with an unusual, even for supernaturals, lust for power and wealth. Prone to rapid mood swings, fits of anger, and even fury, they are one of the races most closely watched by the Evermist Society. Dragons are long-lived (they live up to several hundred years), and they have the ability to breathe fire, which, however, they must learn to control. They can also, after proper training, let out a roar that inspires fear among the surrounding creatures.



Equally seductive as dangerous, sirens are capricious by nature and easily succumb to their cruel, hunting instincts. Individuals brought up among other species from an early age develop empathy, which, however, keeps these reflexes in check. However, due to their natural instincts, they usually go out to others only in a situation of danger or chronic stress

Sirens have a natural talent for psionic magic - they easily influence the minds of others. By connecting with the element of air, they can easily increase the effects of their powers, and sometimes even fly.



Creatures that feed on sexual energy. They are surrounded by an aura of natural sensuality and there are few people and supernaturals who do not lose their heads when meeting a succubus. However, it is worth remembering that they are proud and independent creatures. In addition, they can be unforgiving and love to use sophisticated ways of revenge.

The succubi's stunningly beautiful bodies are true killing machines - their claws can rip a full-grown human to shreds, and their silky-smooth skin hides strong muscles. While most succubi are born without horns, they grow throughout their lives in proportion to the strength of the individual.



This is one of the supernaturals that in ancient times aroused the greatest fear. They were once called sowers of plague or even horsemen of the apocalypse. Although they are surrounded by the aura of sinister killers, febris are mostly quiet introverts who react extremely badly to overwhelming crowds. Hence, their presence in medieval cities was associated with epidemics of the Black Death. Febris are beings deeply related to human and supernatural health well-being. They can make someone sick and, although it usually concerns infectious ailments, there are legends of febris so powerful that they could cause cancer in their victim or a hereditary mutation in the delinquent's family.


Evermist College students are not just supernatural beings. Some of the students are people who managed to penetrate the Eternal Mist and learn the secrets of the world hidden behind it. There are some who come from families that have been associated with the Evermist Society for generations, but most are those recruited by Evermist field agents for their skills and abilities.

They are divided into two main groups - Protectors and Mages.


The Eternal Mist Principle also applies to player characters - during their stay at Evermist College, supernaturals take their human form and become similar to the human society that surrounds them. Of course, dryads can keep their green hair, efreets will have red eyes or flaming red hair, and dragons or nymphs will be able to have delicate scales. However, colorful wings or lush horns should be saved for visits to other worlds and dimensions.


The Defenders are the fraternity's striking force: supported by magic and alchemy, they are highly trained warriors, perfectly prepared to face all kinds of supernatural beings. Their tasks are not only military-type shock troops but also some kind of police force, having ongoing control (and giving protection) of local populations of supernaturals.


All Defenders are trained in hand-to-hand combat, using various types of melee and shooting weapons (including firearms). They also learn the principles of black, green, and blue tactics and the protection of people and objects. Some of them also have basic magic and rescue training.


Defenders have two basic specializations: Stormtroopers and Scouts.


Stormtroopers are soldiers, strike force. Strong, durable, and physically fit, they focus on skills strictly related to combat, striving to eliminate the advantage that
a supernatural being has over the average person. General physical prowess, perfectly trained willpower, and excellent operational training - these are the principles guiding the training of Stormtroopers.


Scouts are less focused on training physical fitness (which does not mean they give it up completely), much more important in their case is training the mind. Their main task is to track down hidden supernaturals, infiltrate the environments of forbidden cults and associations (both human and supernatural) as well as collect new information, They also recover abandoned and lost magical artifacts before they fall into the hands of people unaware of their power.


Both usually wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement, and while the Stormtroopers stick to the military style (neat hairstyles, cargo pants, battle dress, camouflage motifs), the Scouts try to blend in with the crowd and not distinguish their appearance from average person (many of them are masters of camouflage, able to completely change their appearance in a few moments with a few simple tricks and props).


Magicians are those people who, unlike supernaturals, do not have natural abilities, but they learn to use the magic that surrounds them. This becomes possible for them thanks to the power of a trained mind and the knowledge of spells, formulas, and magical rituals discovered by mankind for millennia. A trained mage can achieve effects unavailable to most supernaturals, although it usually takes much longer and requires appropriate preparation.


Magicians are usually creative and analytical minds, specialists in deduction and rational problem-solving and even the most complex puzzles and logical tasks. "The defender will knock the door off its hinges, the magician will find a way to open it" - this is a well-known saying of those among them who work closely with the armed arm of the Evermist Society during numerous operations in the field.


There is no such thing as one mage look or style - each of them creates its own image based on different styles. There are those who follow the latest fashion trends and those who choose timeless classics.


Mages can be divided into three main groups: alchemists, artifacters and hermetists. 


Alchemists are specialists in creating and using magical potions with a very wide range of effects. They study organic and inorganic chemistry, are experts in the use of herbs and other useful plants, and in the process distill the best moonshine in the world.

Artifacters are the creators of magical items and devices. Excalibur, Merlin's wand, flying carpets, seven-league boots, or suicide sticks and bags much bigger inside than outside - all the work of powerful artifacts.

They study physics, mechanics, and craftsmanship, and very often their best friends or partners are dwarfs. 


Hermetists create new spells and improve old spells, focusing on the study of formulas and rituals. They are the most innovative of all magicians, constantly striving to expand people's knowledge of magic and how to use it. They are also the best spell writers, making them the creators of the most powerful grimoires and magical parchments.

LARP - (live action role play) - some people talk about it: experiencing a book or a live game, where you decide what the main character will do.

It is a form of entertainment during which you get a description of the character you will play, dress up in their outfit and play the character at a designated place and time. You decide how the character reacts when he/she has to choose between his/her values ​​and defending a friend - will he/she go to a dark room from which he/she can hear cries for help, or will he/she run away? As a character, you experience real emotions - fear, anger, joy, which is why we use safety methods such as safety words and gestures in the game (you show gestures and words whether you want to play a more intense scene or is it too emotional a scene for you). 

Remember that there are Safety People in the game whom you can turn to when the excitement of the game starts to overwhelm you.

Emotional security

During the game, the characters experience different situations and the players experience different emotions. At the moment when a given player feels uncomfortable with a given scene, he can signal it with security gestures and go offgame.

There will also be a team of Safety People available throughout the game to help players go through difficult emotions at any time. Players will learn about where to find Safety People during the workshops before the game.


Don't be a jerk!

So behave in such a way that your game and behavior do not spoil the fun of others. Treat your teammates the way you'd like to be treated - and even better. Keep in mind at all times that we all have different levels of sensitivity and that we all came to this game to have fun. If you are not sure about playing some scenes with another player, you can also consult with the Design team or this player. For example, if you want to role-play stealing something, remember that you can only do it with things marked with a red ribbon.

Play to lift

What does it mean? It's simple - remember to use your game to help other players create an interesting story for their characters. Don't play selfishly - let your character not stand in the center of the action from time to time, but be a background and support for an interesting scene played by others. You will find that your fellow players will be happy to repay you with the same someday.


Play for epicness

Play to create memorable stories and scenes with others. Remember that a spectacular defeat is as great as a spectacular victory - the stories of great heroes are full of descriptions of their tragedies. Also, remember that no failure has to be final, and the stories of rising from a fall are among the most epic and heart-rending.


360 degree illusion

During the game, we want to use what in LARPs is called the "360-degree illusion mechanism" - everything the players come into contact with will be part of the game world, and elements that should not exist in it (e.g. going beyond the historical framework of the year 2002 technology) will be kept to an absolute minimum. To fully achieve this effect, of course, you will also need the cooperation of the players - at some moments we will ask you to slightly suspend disbelief and ignore elements that do not match the setting (e.g. modern car models that can be seen from the castle windows) or not looking for real mechanisms behind the current ones in-game special effects.


It's like an illusionist's performance - even if we know how a magic trick is performed, or we manage to see the proverbial "smoke and mirrors" at some point, we should rather, in order not spoil the fun for ourselves and others, focus on the show itself, rather than on finding and commenting on its hidden mechanisms. This suspension, at least for the duration of the game itself, of disbelief in what is happening in front of our eyes and in what we create ourselves, will allow us to blend in the game world much better - and really feel like a student of Evermist College.


Offgame vs Ingame

At the same time, we know perfectly well that living 24 hours a day as a role-playing character is impossible - each of us needs to return to the real world from time to time. Therefore, there will be off-game places available in the game area, i.e. places where the game is suspended. In such a place, you can stop actively participating in the LARP for some time - relax, talk about topics unrelated to the game, or use the Internet. Off-game locations will always be marked, and information about their location will be provided at pre-game workshops. Your room will also be off-game.


In order for the game to go on, players take on their characters and behave according to their character traits. This means that they can behave completely differently than outside the game - be more sarcastic, shy, or giddy. Many players like to play their character without interrupting and entering the so-called "offgame", however, if a player needs to talk to another about a particular scene they have experienced or want to relive, it can signal to them that they want to enter the off-game conversation. Just show this gesture:




“What you see is what you get”

During the game, the rule "what you see is what you get" applies - every item, person, and element of the environment present in the LARP world is exactly what it looks like. We will not try to convince you that a piece of cloth hanging on two strings is a solid stone wall, or that a curved stick is a modern pistol. The only exception to this rule is safe, latex weapons that simulate real swords or daggers in the game (although they are as similar to the originals as possible).

You can do what you can credibly play

The development of this principle is another - the character can do what the player can credibly play. For example, if your character is a master hunter, you don't really need to know how to read tracks - you just need to play it right. The same applies to physical things - doing a full 20 or 100 push-ups may be beyond your capabilities as
a player, but if you play it credibly (we'll show you how to do it in the pre-game workshop), your character can definitely do it.

Equality and accessibility

All character templates are universal and will be adapted to the player's chosen gender identity and sexual orientation, so that everyone can play according to their preferences. In the player’s form completed after purchasing the ticket, each participant will be able to specify their requirements in this matter, and our team of storytellers will adapt the selected character card to the guidelines set by them.

We do our best to make the Evermist Society an accessible event for everyone. If you are not sure whether your health situation will allow you to actively participate in the game - write to us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Pyrotechnics will appear in the game. It is also possible to use flashing lights. These stimuli can trigger an epileptic seizure.


During the game, some characters will be played by recruited and prepared people. These characters are intended to spice up the players' experience and offer them additional storylines that are optionally playable. Most often it will be lecturers, famous figures, or mysterious wanderers. These characters and players will be introduced before the game and during the workshops.

Game Mechanics

Mechanics are additional in-game rules that make it easier to play scenes and things you can't or don't want to play in real life. They are a tool that supports your comfort and safety as a player without disturbing the immersion.

When you play The Evermist Society, you can expect:

  • safety words and gestures (Red, Yellow, Green),

  • touch rules and direct interaction with other players,

  • combat and duel mechanics,

  • mechanics of intimacy and sex,

  • character death rules,

  • mechanics of yellow and red cards - warnings from the organizers,

  • Safety words and gestures.


Safety words will apply during the game.

They work like traffic lights:

Red! - Stops the scene immediately. If the situation is beyond your limits (as a player, not a character!) or if you or someone else has suffered real physical harm, use the word red!, saying it loud and clear. After hearing this safety word, all players stop the scene and react accordingly - they leave without asking additional questions or provide the necessary assistance.


Yellow - Indicates that the current scene has reached the limits of your comfort. If during playing you feel that, for example, the current degree of touch is the maximum acceptable for you, use the word yellow. This means that the scene (or a particular aspect of it) can continue at the current intensity level, but not increase it.


Green? - is an invitation to increase the intensity of the scene. If you think the current scene could benefit from being more intense, say the word Green? loud and clear to all other participants in the scene. In order to escalate their actions, the invitation must be accepted, so the other person(s) must also reply Green! Without acceptance, the scene cannot increase its intensity.

Security gestures

Safety words will be complemented by safety gestures. They can be used when for some reason you do not want or cannot use safety words (e.g. your mouth is covered). It is important to make sure that the person to whom we use the gesture is able to see it without any problems and respond to it (e.g. their hands are not tied)



The basic gesture is the question "Is everything OK?", which is symbolized by the thumb and forefinger connected in the shape of a circle with the other fingers apart.


"Everything's fine!" - a typical thumbs up gesture. It means that the player is not in any danger and is comfortable in the scene. The game can continue unchanged.


"I'm not sure / I don't know" - we shake the open palm with spread fingers in the horizontal axis. It means that the player himself is not sure of his condition, he probably needs support. After seeing such a gesture, approach him immediately and ask how you can help him.


"It's bad" - a typical thumbs down gesture. Indicates that the player definitely needs help. Upon seeing such a gesture, immediately stop the scene and, if possible, take the player to medical help or a Safety People. If you do not have such a possibility, inform the organizers or the nearest NPC about the need for help as soon as possible. You can use this gesture at any time, also without asking beforehand.


Interact with other players

The default level of physical contact with other players in each scene is "no pain". This means that it is forbidden to use any physical violence or touch that caused pain to another player. By default, we agree to physical contact that does not cause pain or discomfort. We can, of course, control the extent of contact through the use of words or security gestures.


Combat mechanics

All combat in the game should be played as an actor, with a large dose of realism and respecting the safety rules and "no pain" mechanics. Brawls or hand-to-hand combat should have feigned blows, with a slow escalation of violence, to allow time for the other player to react appropriately to the blow or use safety words/gestures.

During the pre-game workshops, theatrical fights will be presented and practiced, such as pushing, punching in the face, boxing, etc.


Participants can bring safe LARP weapons: swords, knives, daggers, etc. The organizer should be informed about what LARP weapon we want to bring to the event. For the safety of participants and NPCs, each LARP weapon must pass accreditation. The accreditation will take place at the venue, directly before the game.


The mechanics of intimacy

When playing games for adults, we do not close ourselves to scenes of greater intimacy or sex scenes. We use the Ars Amandi mechanic for them. It consists of the partners maintaining eye contact, touching each other's hands, forearms and shoulders, and the height of the touch corresponds to the increasing intensity of physical contact. The subtle touch of the hand corresponds to gentle caresses, stroking the arms - bolder tenderness, the touch of the shoulders - full intercourse. We encourage you to act out such scenes in a place where you can be easily caught or noticed. Scenes should escalate slowly to give the other player a chance to react and possibly use safety words/gestures.

All kisses are performed using the theatrical thumb-kiss technique. It will be thoroughly discussed and shown during the pre-game workshop.


Character death

Your character can only die during the game if you, as the player, decide to do so. Regardless of the intensity of the scenes (e.g. fight, attack, etc.), your character can be wounded in the story, but will not lose his/her life if it is not your will. Thanks to this, as a player, you have full freedom to engage in risky story situations that you would probably avoid in everyday life, but which in the game can provide you with a lot of emotions. Of course, with the other rules of the game, including "don't be a jerk".


Yellow and red card mechanics

Players whose behavior directly interferes with the game or threatens the safety and/or health of themselves or other participants may receive various types of warnings. The first stage is an ingame warning from an NPC (non-player character) about the risk of being expelled from school if the behavior continues. The next stage is the offgame admonition from the game organizers, the so-called "yellow card". During the conversation with the organizers, they will provide detailed information about why the player's behavior is inappropriate, why it was rated as such and what are the consequences of its continuation. The last reaction is a "red card", i.e. removing the dangerous player from the playing area.

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