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Unleash your alter ego and experience the adventure of a lifetime in a castle full of magical creatures. 

We are supernaturals

Evermist Society

LARP - (live action role play) - some people describe it as experiencing a book or a live game, where you decide what the main character will do. It is a form of entertainment during which you get
a description of the character you will play, dress up in their outfit and play the character at
a designated place and time.

What is LARP?

Embark on extraordinary adventures with Kikimora Production. Immerse yourself in fantastical realms, become the hero of your own story, and forge unforgettable connections with fellow adventurers! 

Join the Adventure

blue Smoke

More LARPs

Choose a supernatural alter ego and join secret studies at Evermist Society college to learn to use your powers.

November 2024

#supernatural #adventures

Evermist Society

Take on the role of one of the vampires of the Sabbat, a group that fights against the Old Ones. 

January 2025

#vampire #macabre


Survive, adapt, create a new post-apocalyptic story in a Bochnia mine. Based on the Metro 2033.

January 2025

#postapocalypse #mine


We are nerds who love to experience new adventures through books, movies, games, or RPG sessions. We also discovered this passion for experiencing various adventures in LARPs. Now, we want to create events thanks to which others can feel their favorite universes in almost real conditions.

About us

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A Perfect Gaming Experience

Do you have an idea for a partnership between our initiatives? Maybe, do you want to create LARPs with us? Let's contact and create something amazing:)

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